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How Should I Handle a Cyberbully?

Cyber bullying can involve anyone, but it is mostly common in girls. Most bullies have their share of physical or emotional abuses themselves which prompt them to targeting other weak and vulnerable people with anonymity in cyberspace in order to make them feel better.

If you want to speak up when you feel harassed online but are afraid of the consequences, approach a trusted adult in order to be able to figure out a course of action. Another way to handle a cyber bully is to never respond to his or her instant messages, emails and the like. Block him or her if you may and stray away from chat rooms and forums where he or she frequently goes.

If the bully has managed to figure out your favorite chat room or forum, then use the chat room or forum’s block feature to ignore the bully’s harassment posts. If he or she happens to threaten you physical harm or stalk you in public, go to the proper authorities and file a report. Any form of harassment is illegal and should be taken seriously.

Lastly, feel free to confront the bully if you feel an impending harm coming your way. Tell him or her to stop his abusive act. He or she is most likely targeting you because he or she doesn’t see you as somebody who is strong and who could do something about the situation. The situation might escalate if you confront him or her rashly, so think things through before the confrontation. You may approach a trusted adult to help mediate in your case.

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