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How Should I Prepare to Attend a Class Reunion?

Pack photos of your family, a camera and business cards, but also prepare yourself emotionally, logistically and financially.

Mixed emotions are the normal reaction to a class reunion invitation. It could be exciting to meet up again after a long time with old friends and finding that you still connect. At the same time, your old rivals will obviously be there too and you may not have good memories about them. some people revert to their school characters as a defense mechanism. Be realistic about your expectations of yourself and the others. not everybody achieves all their dreams within five to ten years of leaving high school, and not everybody has an easy life twenty years later. Others may do better than you, and even if you are the greatest achiever, be considerate of other people’s feelings when talking about your life. Class reunions are bittersweet in nature. Some of your friends may have passed away or gone through major pain experiences. Just remember that you are all facing the same challenges as adults.

For logistical and financial considerations, you may need to think of the dates, transport, lodging and the cost of the event tickets. You may need time off work to attend, and may even want your spouse to accompany you. If you still have friends and family in that area, you could ask them to accommodate you. For a full reunion weekend, there will be activities at cost. Budget for food, beverages and entertainment, and even a donation to your former school.

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