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How to Make Your Car Last Longer

Money is tight for everyone these days, so people are keeping cars longer than they ever have before.  Making your car last for a lot of years and a lot of miles isn't difficult, but it does require regular preventative maintenence.  

According to RideLust, here are eight ways to ensure your car lasts you a good, long time.   Here are their 8 tips for how to make your car or truck last longer:

1) Buy gas from major retailers and not from off-brand discounters

2) Change your oil regularly, as recommended by your vehicle's manufacturer

3) Check your tire pressure and alignment regularly and correct as needed

4) Change fluids at the manufacturer's recommended intervals

5) Pay attention to strange noises or smells from your car

6) Check your car's belts regularly

7) Change your timing belt / chain at the recommended interval.

8) Change all filters as recommended by your manufacturer

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