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How to Write a Great College Admission Essay

Here are five tips for writing a great college admission essay.

1. First impressions really do matter.  Your paper needs to look neat and well-organized with uniform formatting and spacing.  Then make your first paragraph really dynamic to get the college admission board’s attention.  Often this will be the only part of your essay that gets read.  

2. Answer the questions.  You may have a great story you want to tell or a previously written essay.  Be certain it really supports what the essay question.  The details in your essay are a good way for college staff to judge whether you are a good fit for their institution.  

3. Have a professional editor review your paper.  Careless mistakes in grammar or punctuation could mean getting rejected by the college of your dreams.  It’s easy to get your paper proofread on the Internet.  Some even specialize in college admissions essays.  

4. Write with confidence.  Make it clear that you believe in yourself and your ability to succeed.  Don’t point out negative qualities about yourself unless it is important to explain inconsistencies in your background.  For example, it might be wise to inform that your high school grades were lower due to caring for an ill mother. Or that you have a GED because you needed to work to support your family.

5. Show perfect composition skills.  Believe it or not, many college admissions boards don’t actually read anything you have written, but just do a quick skim to make sure you can write an essay. Writing papers is a significant part of the college experience, so they will want to see if you are up for the challenge.

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