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7 Reasons to Learn How to Breakout of Prison

Prison in a foreign country is no game. It's a place that resembles hell, but possibly slightly worse. The ever present sense of fear that overwhelms your senses never really numbs. Everyone imagines there's some amazing path to breaking out of prison. I think much of this comes from the hit show Prison Break on Fox which is a real fantasy. Breaking out of prison is pretty easy in most Latin American countries. It basically involves bribing federal judges, and guards to gain your freedom. However if I knew I was headed to any of these prisons, I would be learning quickly how to break out of prison.

Camp 1391

Camp 1391 is a mysterious and controversial Israel Defense Force prison. The existence of the camp and its inmates was completely unknown to the public until 2003. No one is entirely certain why this prison exists, who is housed there, or why. It appears this is Israel's version of Guantanamo.

Camp 22

Camp 22 is a North Korean prison for political prisoners. It is located in northeast North Korea, on the border of Russia and China near the city of Haengyong . There are roughly 50,000 political prisoners housed here, and many are family members accused of crimes against the state. Sometimes entire villages are rounded up to punish one citizen.

Vladimir Central Prison

The Vladimir Prison, also known as "Vladimirsky Central" is a prison for dangerous criminals in Vladimir, Russia. This prison is as old as hell, and its prisoners are generally life sentences or atleast 10 year sentences and are considered Russia's most dangerous criminals.

La Sante

Prison de La Santé was founded in 1867 by architect Emile Vaudremer. It is the last prison left standing in Paris it is divided into four blocks segregating foreigners,blacks, whites, and those of other religions. It is considered to be France's toughest prison.


Carandiru Penitentiary was a notorious prison located in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1992 it was the site of the Carandiru massacre. It housed at its peak 8k prisoners and was built to house a thousand. It had some of the worst conditions possible. In the late 90's the prison was closed following international pressure.

La Sabeneta

La Sabeneta in Venezuela is a nightmare. Housing 25-30k prisoners in a system designed to house 15k the poor go without food, clothing, and basic shelter often forced to become slaves of the richer inmates. Needless to say conditions are horrible.

La Mesa

La Mesa Prison in Tijuana has been home to multiple prison riots that have killed hundreds in the last few years. Easily the worst conditions in North America, food is not plentiful, water is un safe to drink, and violence, beatings, and murders are common.

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