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How to Gain Weight

Many people have a hard time gaining weight. I know I've been there I've been trying to put on weight for about ten years to no avail. One of the things that I have found that helps me is to eat when I'm hungry. I get hungry a lot.

1 Eat When Your Hungry
Eating 3 meals a day has never helped me gain weight. It actually forces me to lose weight and eat unhealthy foods.

2 Eat High Calorie Foods
There are some great high calorie foods like avocados,potatoes, and whole grain breads are good examples.

3 Increase your portion sizes
For a long time I was worried people would look at me when I took an extra portion of potatoes, but I realize that's the only way I'm going to put on weight.

4 Never skip meals
I used to skip meals almost daily and substitute it with a high calorie soda but that is horrible on the system and creates a vacuum and unhealthy energy patterns as well as weight loss

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