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Inception Ending: Was Cobb Awake or Asleep?

Have you seen the movie Inception?   Were you utterly confused?   So was everyone else.   The movie rocked, but the ending didn't make complete sense.  Or at least it was confusing.

We searched the web to find an explanation for the ending of inception and here's the best we found:


Points that favor Cobb still being in a dream:

  • Cobb's children are wearing the same clothes in their reunion that they have been wearing in Cobb's dreams throughout the movie.

  • Cobb's children also haven't aged in comparison to his memories of them. This seems impossible as time has clearly passed since he was forced to leave the US.

  • Cobb's top is still spinning as the movie cuts to credits. (But is it about to topple?)

Point that favors Cobb being awake:

  • CinemaBlend points out that Cobb is shown wearing a wedding ring at the beginning of the movie, and that throughout the movie he is shown wearing a ring during dream sequences but not during reality sequences. At the end of the movie he is not wearing his ring.


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