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10 iPhone Apps Guaranteed to Enhance Your Dating Potential

Technology has broken down the virtual barriers between the sexes. Pools of dating prospects can now be held literally in the palm of your hand compliments of the digital age. Many iPhone users have the advantage courtesy of applications geared toward impressing, enticing, and sourcing potential love matches. Here are 10 iPhone Apps Guaranteed To Enhance Your Dating Potential:

1. Loopt

Loopt is a great iPhone app to help you keep tabs of your friends or potential love interests. The app hones in your prospects with free, location aware text messaging using Facebook's Places feature and Ping. Loopt allows you to source out where your possible love match is, find a place to go out, and check in on your friends locations.

To Download The Loopt App Go Here

2. TrueFlirt

TrueFlirt is an iPhone app geared at increasing your flirtation skills and perhaps reeling in a few dates. TrueFlirt is the digital answer to flirtation limitations. The app allows users to blow, tap, swipe, pinch, shake, or tilt the phone to get a flirtatious animated text message. TrueFlirt is largely unmasculine and even includes a magical "love potion" function, but is a surefire hit with the ladies.

To Download The TrueFlirt App Go Here

3. AroundMe

AroundMe is considered one of the best location based iPhone apps. AroundMe combines an augmented reality with nearby points of interest like banks, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and even hotels to plan date related activities. AroundMe eliminates the volley of "what do you want to do?" between your potential date and yourself and may even help extend your night out.

To Download The AroundMe App Go Here

4. Mixologist

Mixologist is a digital liquid courage enhancer for the iPhone and its user. Mixologist is filled with 7,900 drink recipes based upon 1,300 ingredients to help you wow your potential, present, or future dates. Mixologist is a digital bartender which can provide drink suggestions for even the hardest to please prospects to break the ice, whip up a drink with whatever you have in your cabinet, and impress generally anyone.

To Download The Mixologist App Go Here

5. Little Wingman

Little Wingman is a fantastic iPhone app designed to watch your back if you find yourself out without the services of your real life wing man. Little Wingman provides conversation starters to break the ice, dismantle conversation grenades, and source out a line guaranteed to keep conversations flowing with anyone you interact with.

To Download The Little Wingman App Go Here

6. PinPointsX

PinPointsX is an iPhone app which allows users to "locate and interact with erotic partners and facilitators in their immediate, changing, and real-time location." PinPointsX allows users to map out their own "Passion Map" using GPS and iPhone applications based upon location. Users can scan other users to schedule or finesse any rendez-vous allowing you to facilitate the next step.

To Download The PinPointsX App Go Here

7. Little Black Book

Little Black Book is the iPhone app devised to help you connect with people from your past, your present and perhaps even your future. Little Black Book combines your Facebook friends and to increase your romantic potential through networking. Little Black Book allows you to also play matchmaker with your friends via sharing matches and contacts with your friends and also allows you to reap the same rewards.

To Download The Little Black Book App Go Here

8. Wertago

Wertago is considered the premier iPhone app for any one looking for a great night out. Wertago provides location based nightlife options on concerts, events, bars, parties, and other evening activities. Wertago allows users to interact with other users to coordinate evenings out, flirt, and network. Wertago allows users to use specific information pairing location maps, tags and reviews about happenings within your proximity to help you connect with friends and perhaps even reel in a love interest hook, line, and sinker.

To Download The Wertago App Go Here

9. Dating DNA

Dating DNA for the iPhone is rated #1 in terms of dating apps. Dating DNA allows users to meet real people and source out the liars, crooks, and phonies. Dating DNA assesses in-depth compatibility matching, allows users to determine a "Compatibility Threshold" so that only users who meet your criteria may view your profile, sizes up "dating potential" with an at-a-glance indicator and compatibility score feature, and uses GPS for "match radar" to source matches from locations nearby or far. DatingDNA is fully integrated with Facebook and MySpace to include all of your social networking friends.

To Download The Dating DNA App Go Here

10. Shake Or Date

Shake Or Date is an interactive, anecdotal iPhone app geared toward entertainment and providing helpful date ideas for users. Shake Or Date is based upon hundreds of outrageous, funny, and true dating stories requiring users to decide after each description if you would date or shake him or her. The app can be used to build your own dating simulation or laugh with your friends to see what they would do if real life presented them with a similar situation.

To Download The Shake Or Date App Go Here

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