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Irish Terrier Dog Breed

Said to be one of the oldest terrier breeds in the world, the Irish Terrier is believed to have been originally found in Country Cork, Ireland. The earliest depictions of the terrier can be dated to as far back as the 17th century. This medium-sized dog weighs from 25 to 27 pounds and has a height of about 18 inches. It has a long, flat head with a slight stop. It has a black nose, eyes that are small and dark brown in colour and bushy eyebrows. Its front legs are straight, long and muscular. The ears are V-shaped and fold forward to the outside corners of the eyes. To “train” the ears, breeders glue the ears to the top of their heads to form the correct shape as the cartilage fills in. Its coat is thick, rough-looking, wiry and lays close to the body. It also has a distinct bearded muzzle and long whiskers. Colours include golden red, red wheaten or wheaten. A small patch of white is allowed on the chest.

Bold, inquisitive, energetic and playful, the Irish terrier is sometimes affectionately called “daredevils” by fanciers. It likes to dig, explore and chase anything that moves. As a household companion it is sweet and affectionate and has strong protective instincts. It is highly trainable but because of its hunting instincts it cannot be trusted alone with non-canine pets. Other talents of the breed include tracking, guarding, police work and military work. It is a fairly healthy breed and can live from 12 to 15 years.

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