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Is It Illegal to Display the Swastika Symbol in Germany?

The Swastika has come to represent the Nazi regime, the atrocities performed in the concentration camps, the rule of fear and violence, and the powerlust of Hitler as he sent armies to ravage the surrounding countries.

Post war Germany has banned anyone from displaying the swastika even if it is part of a satire or a political statement. However this applies to the specific swastika used by Hitler.

However there are other kinds of swastikas, which ironically originally meant peace and harmony. In fact the word is Sanskrit for good luck charms, and even before Hitler, political and social groups used it in one form or another as a symbol for their mission.

However the swastika has lost its original meaning and become overshadowed by Hitler’s intention, which was to create a master Aryan race. Tragically its longer and broader cultural and historical significance has been lost.

However, Germany is careful about any connotations and is trying hard to distance itself from the Nazi regime. Thus, laws were made that specifically banned anyone form using it in posters, shirts, websites, and bumper stickers.

This is also done in respect for those who had been victimized by the Nazis, including the actual survivors of the concentration camps and the families of those who had died there.

There are those, however, who think that this is a whitewashing campaign and undermines the true meaning of the swastika. Perhaps it will take many generations before Germany and the swastika to free itself of the shadow of the Nazi regime.

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