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Is It Safe to Have Laser Eye Surgery?

Not everyone is blessed with 20/20 vision, and many people who have faulty vision has considered undergoing laser eye surgery at some point. Laser eye surgery is also called LASIK, and makes use of a tightly focused beam of light to correct vision problems. Much like any other type of surgery, laser eye surgery carries a certain degree of risk with it. However, advances in medical technology have lessened the risks and the chances are that laser eye surgery can give you near perfect vision.

It is still prudent to know the risks that you are exposed to when - or after - undergoing laser eye surgery. One thing that you have to understand is that there are no guarantees when you undergo laser eye surgery. While the majority of operations are successful, there is always a risk of not being able to correct your vision. The fact is that there are some patients who have to go through the procedure twice in order to achieve results. Sometimes, even after the second operation, vision is still not corrected. The reasons for this occurrence are not always clear, but you must be sure that the doctor and hospital that you go to are reputable.

Sometimes, complications arise after the surgery. Instances wherein patients suffer from blurry vision and dry eye symptoms have been reported. These cases are quite rare, though. Even rarer, there have been instances wherein the cornea was damaged and vision was lost.

The important thing is that you undergo thorough evaluation prior to surgery. Your doctor should determine if your case is “qualified” for laser eye surgery and should outline the potential risks as well.

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