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Japanese Chin Dog Breed

Despite the name, this companion dog is actually a native to China and was just developed in Japan. The Japanese Spaniel was actually renamed “Japanese Chin” by the AKC in 1977 and was a favourite of Japanese nobility and later on introduced to Europe. A small breed, it weighs about four pounds and stands at a height of 7 to 11 inches. There are two varieties of the breed according to size standard: under 7 pounds, and over 7 pounds. It has a large head that is broad, a short and broad muzzle and a deep stop. It has large, round and wide-set eyes and a black nose that is also wide with an extremely short nasal canal. Its ears are small and V-shaped, set wide apart and well covered with hair. The tail is set rather high, feathered and carried arched up over the back. It has profuse feathering on its coat and the colour is predominantly white with colored patches of black, red, lemon, orange, or sable.

Bred for the sole purpose of being a companion dog, the Japanese Chin is a charming and loving breed, often displaying more cat-like characteristics. Mild-mannered, graceful but playful, it is not a barker but can be reserved around strangers. They are good with other dogs and pets. Playful and amusing they are known to perform entertaining tricks and antics for their owners and the family, like dancing on their hind legs or turning in rapid circles.

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