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Kangal Dog Breed

An ancient flock guarding breed, the Kangal Dog is named for the Kangal District of the Sivas Province in central Turkey. This natural purebred has retained a uniform appearance, disposition and behaviour through the years because of its relative isolation on the Sivas-Kangal region. This working breed is recognized as the National Dog of Turkey. A large and heavy-boned dog, the Kangal Dog weighs from 90 to 145 pounds and has a height range of 28 to 32 inches. It has a large and moderately wide head with drop ears that are black and velvety. The muzzle is long with a well defined stop. Its tail is typically curved and the face has a black mask. It has a double layer of coat that is moderately short and quite dense. The colour ranges from light un to gray.

As a flock guardian dog, the Kangal is alert, territorial, and protective of the flock or its human family. They prefer to intimidate attackers with their size and impressive stance but can stand their ground when provoked to fight. They are reserved towards other dogs and with strangers but are very loyal and affectionate to its owner and the family. A well-socialized Kangal Dog does well with children but it still needs to be watched as they are likely to wander and attack stray dogs on the street. It has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

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