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Kunming Dog Breed

Originally bred as a military dog for Yunnan, China the dog is named for its capital, Kunming. It is said that the breed was developed through a strict and closely guarded breeding program that involved 10 wolf dogs from Beijing, 20 civil dog breeds from nearby provinces and 10 shepherd dogs imported from Germany. It is no wonder then that the breed shares similar physical features with the German Shepherd dog but it stands taller and has a shorter coat. It has a standard weight of 66 to 84 pounds and an average height of 25 to 27 inches. Well-built and with a balanced proportion from the head to the straight front legs, the Kunming Dog is a wolf-dog hybrid with all the physical characteristics. It has a long tail that is curled high when alert, ears that are long and triangular and are prick. Its coat is marked with a black saddle and has a combination of colours ranging from light straw to deep rust.

The Kunming Dog is widely used by the Chinese military and police and are also being used by civilians as a watch and guard dog. Known for its sharp intelligence, the breed loves a good challenge. It is brave, courageous and are used to strenuous activities given the rigorous training it is given in the military. Although they are known as working dogs, they can also be kept as pets but with proper and early socialization and training. They are fiercely devoted and loyal to their handler or owner.

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