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Kuvasz Dog Breed

The Kuvasz is an ancient flock guard breed that originated in Tibet but was developed as a breed in Hungary. It is even said that a fossilized skeleton of a 9th-century dog that is similar to the Kuvasz has been discovered in Fenekpuszta, which if proven will mark the breed as among the oldest recognized dog breeds in history. The name is derived from the Turkish word “kavas” meaning guard or “kuwasz” meaning protector. Its standard height ranges from 26 to 30 inches whilst the weight is between 70 to 115 pounds. This is a large dog breed which bears resemblance to the Great Pyrenees, Akbash, Maremma Sheepdog, or a Samoyed. It has dark, brown eyes that are almond-shaped, ears that are V-shaped, thick and slightly rounded at the tip. The tail is carried low and reaches to the hocks. It has a heavily pigmented skin and the medium-length, double coat can be straight or wavy in texture. Like the Komondor, the colour is white or can be cream.

Intensely loyal and intelligent, the Kuvasz is said to possess a clownish sense of humour making it a source of enjoyment for its family. With their impressive size and strength as well as their strong protective instincts, however, the Kuvasz makes for an excellent flock guardian, protecting its territory with fierce passion. They generally work independently and need a confident and experienced owner to balance their dominant streak. As with most large dog breeds, the Kuvasz is prone to hip dysplasia and skin problems.

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