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Lagotto Romagnolo Dog Breed

The Lagotto Romagnolo is an ancient retrieving breed known for its skill in searching truffles in the flat open country and the hills of Romagna, Italy. Its name means “water dog from Romagna.” It has a height of 16 to 19 inches and weighs from 24 to 35 pounds, square built and well proportioned for a medium sized dog. Its head is rather big and has a powerful and muscular neck. It has round and big eyes that may be in any colour from dark yellow to dark brown depending on the colour of its coat. Ears are triangular in shape with rounded tips. Its wooly, dense and curly coat protects the dog from thorns and thistles as it scrounges in bushes in search of truffles. It is also non-shedding. Colours typically come in off-white, solid white, white with brown or rust patches and different shades of brown. They tend to have white markings but fade out in adulthood.

The Lagotto is originally bred as a water retriever, hence they are excellent swimmers and have a natural instinct for fetching. Gifted with a keen sense of smell, it has become known in the countryside for its ability to find truffles in any type of land. It is loyal, affectionate and devoted to its owner. This breed is not meant to just be a household companion but it is first and foremost a working dog. They are easily trainable so it would be good to teach them to perform some tasks.

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