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In Law, What Is Civil Procedure?

Civil procedure is referred to as the procedure where civil law is defined, performed and implemented. Though it is said that laws are defined but it is very important to know and remember that civil procedure only refers to a procedure alone, procedures that are responsible in the filing, pursuance of trials that vary due to its difference in purpose and cause.

This legal procedure which consists of a set of complex rules is made possible through a jurisdiction that occurs in the civil court. On the other hand, civil law basically focuses on the implementation of laws regarding legal contracts, business related agreements, estates and even accidents.

This procedure is what courts normally follow in the way they decide on a lawsuit, the kinds of pleadings, motions and orders allowed but only in civil cases. The courts also base their conduct of trials and decisions on possible remedies on this same process.

Civil procedure is not only after an organized process of hearing or trials but its main purpose and intention is to give respect, importance and justice to every person’s right that are often abused by people, even their fellow countrymen.

When abuse and violation of these rights happen, this is where civil procedure enters the picture. It is now time for civil procedure to decide on what legal action should be given and it clearly shows to what extent the action should be to those who abused and disrespected other people’s right. This is a way for justice and fairness to prevail in one country in order for its development to proceed and development that would greatly affect its citizens.

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