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In Law, What Is Misappropriation?

Misappropriation refers to a crime classified as felony where one is accused of illegal use of money, funds, and properties, unauthorized services offered, and illegal possession of goods that were entrusted to a person. A person is accused of such crime for abusing that trust given to him or her by another individual. It may be intentionally done even without proper authorization or it may be unintentional.

Crimes such as embezzlement, theft and larceny are considered to be acts of misappropriation and violations such as plagiarism. This kind of violation is usually done by an administrator, trustee and a fiduciary. Knowing that it is a felony, punishment of this crime is normally imprisonment.

Misappropriation exemplifies misconduct. This misconduct can happen due to a desperate need to fulfill one’s personal interest. As this occurs, a person can then be forced to make an illegal and unauthorized use of service which he or she at first offered righteously to another.

Similar to any other crime or violation done, certain evidences and proofs need to be shown to prove that the person being accused is guilty of misappropriation. These evidences should contain certain elements to ensure its accuracy and most especially, its honesty and validity. These elements can be the following -- original story stating and explaining clear and understandable details of the crime done including every detail of each event that happened; reasons to prove that the person being accused is responsible for all the violations and is guilty of the crime done; and the extent of damage as well as how people and the environment were affected by the crime.

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