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In Law, What Is Picketing?

There are many forms of protest available to those who wish to express discontent at a certain idea or practice. People are usually given this ability to protest through their right to freedom of speech and their right to assemble. One form of protest involves assembling outside or within a location that is involved in the subject of the protest. Individuals form a line or proceed in an organized manner to object to whatever is the subject of their protest. These people carry signs or placards with catch phrases or slogans that express their discontent. This form of protest is referred to as picketing.

People who use this as a kind of redress or protest are called picketers. Essentially, a single person is only needed in a picketing, but a group of individuals is usually the most common scenario. A group of disgruntled or discontented people may choose to patrol outside an office, business, courthouse, or wherever is most significant for the subject of the protest.

Picketing is usually done in order to draw negative attention to a business or practice that has been found to practice objectionable methods. Labor groups often use picketing in order to draw attention to a practice that has negatively impacted the employees. A union or the group representing the laborers arrange these picketing events so as to seek a payment or to close a deal with the people in management. Aside from employees, people rallying for a discontinuation of an objectionable practice use picketing to draw attention to the practice itself. An example of this would be an anti-abortion rally.

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