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Lehigh University Online

Lehigh University is a private educational institution located in the Lehigh Valley Region, in Pennsylvania. The university was founded by Asa Packer in 1865 and was originally a 4-year technical school. The university has grown since then and now the school offers various undergraduate and graduate programs through its four colleges: the College of Engineering and Applied Science, College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Economics, and the College of Education.

The degree programs at Lehigh need to be completed at their campus in Bethlehem although some programs, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, can be taken online through the University’s distance learning arm. Of Lehigh’s nine graduate degrees, four can be completed online, and these are MS Chemistry, M Eng Biological and Chemical Engineering, MS Manufacturing Systems Engineering and M Eng / MS in Mechanical Engineering. Lehigh offers six certificate programs, and all of these can be taken online.

For Lehigh’s business courses, standard tuition is $840.00 per credit hour and this does not include the cost of textbooks and other incidental expenses. Not business related online courses cost $695.00 per credit hour. In addition, Lehigh charges a $100.00 access fee per online course. Financial aid, however, is readily available to eligible students. Aid comes in the form of federal grants, loans and scholarships.

The admission requirements at Lehigh vary depending on the level of the program and for graduate degrees these may even be course-specific. For more information on Lehigh’s admission procedures, contact the Lehigh University admissions office.
The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, an accrediting agency that is recognized by the Council on Higher Education and the United States Department of Education, accredits Lehigh University and it’s online courses.

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