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Liberty University Online

Liberty University (LU), founded in 1971, is an evangelical university that offers distance education. Its online arm, Liberty University Online has about 45 undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields like education, nursing, psychology, counseling, business, and religion. It also has online high school programs for those who want to earn college credits before high school graduation.

Liberty University, including its online programs, is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS-COC). It is also one of the most reputable online schools today, ranking number 6 in the Online Education Database's "2009 Best Online Universities" list. In 2011 it was ranked as one of the 25 best online colleges by The Best Colleges.

Admission requirements at LU Online varied per program. The basic admission requirements for enrolling at an undergraduate degree program is listed below. Note that additional requirements may be needed depending on the program.

Completed application form (submitted online or via mail)
$50.00 Deferred application fee
Unofficial college transcripts - If accepted official transcripts must be submitted before end of first term

Estimate tuition at a per credit hour rate for part-time / full-time students at LU online is as follows:
Undergraduate - $320 / $295

Graduate - $445 / $425

PHD/Doctorate - $475 / $455

Seminary - $265 / $2200 (block rate for 9 to 15 hours)

Military - $250 (both part-time and full-time)

Financial aid is available to 95% of LU students in the form of corporate tuition assistance (including deferred corporate tuition assistance), outside or private scholarships, grants and loans, public service discounts, and various payment plans.

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