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The Magic Wand Sex Tip for Long Term Relationships

Here's one of the best sex tips I've ever used - it just works - and it's called the Magic Wand swap.

Basically, you start off by buying a toy magic wand at Walmart or Target. The purpose of the wand is to create a bit of sexual tension in a long term relationship.

Here are the rules:

1. Only one partner can be in possession of the magic wand at a time

2. The partner who is in possession of the magic wand gets to choose: when sex happens next, where the sex will be, what position you'll use, whether there will be any role playing etc.

3. The partner in possession of the magic wand must choose to hand it over to the other partner when he or she feels like it. So there are no guarantees that it will EVER get handed over. This is part of the fun. It creates tension.

So in the end the magic wand strategy is just a fun way of swapping dominant and submissive roles and spicing things up... it keeps both partners on their toes and creatively engaged in the sex act.

Try it! You'll like it!

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