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Marygrove College Online

Marygrove College, founded in 1905 in Monroe, Michigan, is a trimestral liberal arts college that offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs to its students. Marygrove College is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA) and approved by the Michigan State Department of Education.

Marygrove College offers non-credit short-term programs to adult learners, who simply want to expand their education, in the form of online classes. Online non-credit classes offered include courses in Writing and Publishing, Web and Computer Programming, Personal Enrichment, Languages, Health Care (focus on Nutrition and Fitness), Child Care and Parenting, Accounting, and Art, History, Psychology & Literature, to name a few. Professional Development programs for teachers are also available online with more than 20 online graduate-level re-certification courses in different concentrations.

The admissions process and requirements vary greatly for each online program available. For non-credit classes a completely online registration is available. Note though that each class has a minimum required enrollment. Classes won't start until the minimum number of students is reached. For teacher's professional development programs each program has a very different set of requirements so it is best to contact Marygrove College for detailed information on the program(s) the applicant is interested in.

Tuition and fees for each online course is also very varied so again it is best to contact Marygrove College for specific fees and details for each online program.
Financial aid is usually not extended to students of non-credit classes. Applicants of professional development programs can get varied discounts such as early bird discounts, group discounts, and special discounts for taking a series of courses.

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