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Marylhurst University Online

Marylhurst University may be Oregon's oldest Catholic University, but it sure is not stuck in the past. Proud of its innovative and pioneering approach to education, Marylhurst has allowed students halfway across the world to earn a college degree through their online programs and courses since 1996.

Marylhurst offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs online, with most of them being accelerated programs. Online undergraduate degree programs available at Marylhurst include Bacehlor’s degrees in Business Management, Real Estate Studies, and Interdisciplinary Studies. For graduate programs, online offerings include a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program and an MBA program with concentration in Sustainable Business. An online certificate program in Public Relations is also available.

One of the most notable online programs of Marylhurst University is its Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Program, which allows students to convert their life and work experiences into credits that can be applied towards an undergraduate degree. A very unique program indeed, which underlines the idea that education really does happen beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Detailed admission requirements for online programs are available at Marylhurst’s Office of Admissions upon request. Admission fee for online programs ranges from $20 to $50 for certificate program to graduate programs. Tuition and fees for online undergraduate and graduate degree programs is $394 per credit and $516, respectively.

For the online PLA program, Workshop tuition fees (including materials) vary depending on the number of credits to be earned with actual rates ranging from $448 to $1182 for zero to three credits. Attendance to the online PLA Seminar, which earns a student 6 credits is worth $2364.

Marylhurst University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

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