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Men of a Certain Age: A TV Show I Can Relate To

With today’s TV Shows consisting of mostly Reality TV, Tween TV, or Powerful Women dominating over men and their shortcomings, there seems to be a void in a TV show that middle age men can relate to. That is until TNT created Men of a Certain Age.

With a cast of main characters who were best of friends growing up, Ray Romano, Andre Braugher, and Scott Bakula each play characters that are in different stages in their life. Ray Romano has recently separated from his wife and two children and he is dealing with the reason for the separation: gambling. “Joe”, who you believe could be Ray Romano from the start, owns a Party Store and spends his time dealing with the separation, while moving forward with his life. He once had an opportunity to be a pro golfer, and he agonizes over where his life is now at age 48. Typical middle age syndrome.

“Owen”, played by Andre Braugher is a middle aged married father of two, who works at his father’s Car Dealership. Owen has a wonderful wife, but his demons are his lack of respect from his father, who was a professional athlete and thrives because of his notoriety as a “star”. Owen hates his position working for his father, but has to support the family, so he continues on. The stress of his situation causes him to over eat, which is creating health complications. Owen is not very happy entering middle age.

And then there is Terry. Played by Scot Bakula, Terry is the character every 40 something male wishes he could be, if only for a short period of time. Dating many women, and in great physical shape, Terry seems to have everything that Joe and Owen don’t. And although his best friends constantly ridicule him on being immature and irresponsible, they also envy him for his fancy free lifestyle.

I enjoy watching this show because I truly feel I can relate to it. Being a 40 something male, (almost 50), I can see myself in both Joe and Owen. Every male looks at himself at some point in life and asked the question: Is this what I thought life to be at this age??? And although I have a fantastic life, I still see myself in the two characters struggling to answer the same question.

The humor amongst the characters make you want to call your lifelong friends and have breakfast several times a week. This is where Joe, Terry, and Owen solve their own problems and problems of the world. For men my age, “Men of a Certain Age” has hit a spot where we can sit back and laugh at the TV screen while also laughing a little at ourselves.

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