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Mi-Ki Dog Breed

The origin of this toy breed is still unclear although it shares ancestry with the Papillon, the Maltese and the Japanese Chin. Credit for the development of the breed goes to a woman named Micki Mackin from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who developed a line of small dogs from the three breeds as well as the Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire Terrier. The International Mi-Ki Registry is now responsible for developing and refining the breed as well as maintaining the standards.

The Mi-Ki weighs up to 10 pounds and stands at a diminutive height of 10 to 11 inches. It has a small, rounded head with a pronounced stop and a short wide muzzle. It has large, round eyes that are dark although blue and brown or ruby with a brown coloured coat are also acceptable. Its ears are either erect or dropped, well-feathered and are very mobile. There is also feathering on the forelegs and the tail. There are two coat varieties: the smooth coat is close-lying with short fringes on the ears, both legs and the tail; the long coat on the other hand is fine, silky and straight with long feathering on the ears, legs and on the tail. All colours are acceptable for the breed and solid colours are rare and valued.

Friendly and alert, the Mi-Ki makes an excellent companion to the handicapped. They are very intelligent, calm, sweet-natured and they love to be around people. Their even temperament makes them an ideal therapy dog. Very sociable, they are almost catlike in their mannerism and habits and are said to be adaptable to any environment and with any type of owner.

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