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Miniature Australian Bulldog Dog Breed

The Mini Aussie Bulldog is a smaller version of the Australian Bulldog, developed from crossing the Pug and French Bulldog with a full size Australian Bulldog. The purpose of creating the breed was to produce a healthier version of the English Bulldog. There is no weight specification for the breed but it should be in proportion to the standard height of 14 inches or even smaller. As a bulldog breed, the body structure is one of great strength and thick bone as well as solid muscle mass. It should have a broad and deep chest area, head of square appearance with a pronounced stop and about 1/3 fo the folds of wrinkle are across the nose. Eyes are wide set, nostrils are large and the teeth should be of a near level bite. Its tail is either long or in screw. Its feet resemble those of a cat, with rounded toes and hard pads. Coat should be short and smooth and colors come in a wide array including shades of fawn, apricot, orange, red, mahogany, white and at least 5 shades of brindle.

The Mini Aussie Bulldog is a good watch dog because it is alert and agile. However its size is a deterrent for it to be considered a guard dog. They are intelligent, loyal and fun loving. They are good with children and pretty easygoing. They have good stamina and are not aggressive, although they do need obedience training at an early age. As they are being developed to be a healthy breed there are no reported serious condition as of yet.

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