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Natural Methods to Get Clear Skin

Harsh chemicals may not be everyone’s first method of choice for obtaining clear skin. Some people do not want to subject their bodies to the many unnatural and sometimes questionable clear skin treatments. Controversial research even suggests the possibility that some of the acne treatments may contain carcinogens. Though many people scoff at such a suggestion, it is difficult not to remember a time when many scoffed at the idea that tobacco products did much the same thing. Medication is doled out so liberally nowadays the germs and bacteria causing many of the conditions treated with them are generating evolutionary survival mechanisms to overpower and survive them. Who wants to contend with a super-acne-causing-bacteria running amok?

For many people clear skin may be worth the potential associated risk of many treatments. After all, clear skin is a trait everyone wants to have. But some may find even a miniscule potential risk to health is too big. A little complexion problem never killed anyone; cancer and super bugs resistant to medications have. This is not to say clear skin treatments will harm your health. There are just some people who would prefer more natural methods without even a sliver of a possibility of future health implications. And there is always something to be said about precaution, right? Since there are many natural methods you can use to achieve clear skin, why not try them?

Lifestyle choices can and will affect your skin health. Diet and exercise are extremely important to all aspects of organ health. Skin is the largest organ of your body. A healthy diet provides your organs with all of the vital nutrients needed for optimal functioning. Organs can not do their jobs without the right tools. Could you change a flat tire without the jack or the lug wrench? Without one or the other of these tools, you could only sit and stare at the problem. Your skin is in the same predicament. The skin recognizes a problem which needs to be repaired but cannot perform the necessary task without the tools. Eating a diet packed with nutritious foods will ensure the skin will always have the right tools for every job.

Exercise doesn’t only manage your weight. Exercise keeps your organs in good working condition. Once again, think of a car. If you don’t start the car for a while, what happens? You go out after a long period of neglect and try to start the car, but it won’t start. The battery is dead or some other vital part just isn’t working as it should. In order to avoid this, experts recommend you start the car periodically to keep it in good working order. If you start it everyday you don’t have to worry about it not starting. Apply the same concept to your organs. Exercise makes every organ and system in your body perform. Exercise every day and you will find your organs and associated systems responding without hesitation; including the skin.

Water is the link to pretty much every natural life process. Your body will shut down if you deprive it of this essential fluid. Your skin is an excretory system among the many other important functions the skin performs. Water is necessary for your skin to perform this function. The skin excretes toxins from the body through the pores. Without water, the skin cannot perform the function as it should. Toxins will get trapped in the skin’s layers. Blemishes and pimples can be caused by bacteria, clogged pores, and excess oil. Water may not cure skin problems, but it is essential for clear skin.

Diet, exercise, and water are measures which ensure skin will be healthy and able to perform necessary functions. These will not guarantee clear skin, but will help in the quest to achieve it. If you have issues with blemishes, pimples, and are acne prone, there are natural ingredients you can use to combat these problems. Try some of these remedies you can make at home to treat skin blemishes:

  • One tbsp each of groundnut oil and lime
  • Squeeze juice from a lime. Mix with 4ozs of boiled milk
  • Apply mint juice to your face every night
  • Mix turmeric powder and mint juice until it forms a paste. Apply to the skin. Wash off after 30 minutes.
  • Mix honey with cinnamon powder to make a night acne treatment mask. Leave on overnight
  • Apply wine to your skin to prevent acne outbreaks.
  • Apply lemon juice to your skin twice a day for fifteen minutes to reduce the appearance of acne scars and diminish the size of pores.
  • Crush fresh garlic. Apply the juice to your pimples to prevent infection and scarring.
  • Mix ground sesame seeds with water and apply to skin. This will reduce inflammation.
  • Apply lavender oil or mint oil to the skin on any body part to treat acne (i.e. back, neck, arms). It has antibiotic properties.

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