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10 Calls Mishandled by EMS Cost Hazelwood Man His Life

Curtis Mitchell, 50, was in severe stomach pain when he made a call to 911 expressing his need for medical assistance. 30 hours later, on February 7, Sharon Edge, Mitchell's longtime companion, made the 10th call to 911 dispatchers reporting her boyfriend was no longer breathing and "cold to the touch." Edge tried to revive Mitchell and when paramediacs finally arrived on the scene, he was gone.

City officials apologized and vowed to change emergency response protocols because of Mitchell's death. The delay in 911's dispatching of paramedics was due to the doubled volume of calls 911 received in the area because of the massive amount of snow that made travel virtually impossible.
Edge reported that she "sat up here with him, watching him die...they didn't do their jobs like they were supposed to." Perhaps the worst aspect of this horrific story is the fact that ambulances were dispatched repeatedly to the couples' Champlain Way home in Hazelwood and Edge watched an ambulance within blocks of their house, as her partner lay dying. Ambulance drivers claimed that they could not reach Mitchell and asked him to "walk to an intersection" to meet him.

Public safety director Michael Huss said:"We should have gotten there...It's that simple."

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