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140 Year Old Hot Dog Found on Coney Island

A 140-year-old hot dog was found at New York's Coney Island.

News 12 The Bronx said the hot dog was found in a restaurant formerly owned by Charles Feltman, a German butcher and the inventor of the Coney Island hot dog. Feltman opened the first Coney Island hot dog stand in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1860's. Feltman sold more than 3,600 hot dogs in his first year of business and left behind a million dollar business upon his death in 1910. The 140 year old hot dog was frozen in ice underneath Feltman's Kitchen, a restaurant on the boardwalk.

The hot dog was found with it's original receipt , officials at the Coney Island History Project reported. The pair will be on display starting March 28th at Coney Island.

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