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168 Die as Iranian Airliner Crashes

A Russian Made Iranian Passenger Jet with 168 people aboard flying from Tehran to Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia crashed into a field near the city of Qazmin which killed all its 168 passengers. This is Iran's worst air disaster in the last six years.

The plane was a part of Caspian Airlines of Iran and was an old Russian made Tupolev model. Almost all the Iranian Airlines are cash-strapped and hence can't afford to upgrade their planes. Also, US sanctions prohibit them from buying planes and spare parts from American and European firms which means that they have to settle for the old Russian models.

Iranian news channels reported that Iran's national Judo team was lost in this disaster who were flying to compete in a championship in Armenia. Also, it was reported that the Russian pilot of the plane possibly attempted an emergency landing on the ground after the plane suffered engine problems immediately after takeoff.

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