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2011 Us News College Rankings Released

On Tuesday, the 2011 US News college rankings were released. The rankings comprised of some familiar college rankings near the top of the list, with Harvard, Princeton, and Yale taking the prime spots.

The university leading the list was Harvard University, which received a perfect score of 100 on its overall rakings. It was the only school to receive a perfect score.

There were only 11 other schools on the list that even had a score of 90 or better. This shows how difficult it is to receive a perfect score of 100 out of 100 from the US News and World Report.

On second place was Princeton University, which scored a 99 out of 100. They were followed by Yale University at No. 3 with a score of 98.

All three universities are expensive as according to the US News and World Report, all three of them have tuition and fees that surpass $36,000 for the 2010-11 school year. They also have a very low acceptance rate, with Harvard at 7%, Princeton at 10%, and Yale at just 8%.

The rankings of all the colleges in the US  undergoes an extensive process, and includes retention of professors, graduation rates, and the strength of  the faculty. The location is taken into account, along with campus life, academic offerings, activities, the cost, and of course the availability of financial aid to students. It is a very in-depth look that takes into account more than just the prestige of a school. The US News college rankings are considered the gold standard.

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