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21st Winter Olympics Open in Vancouver, BC Friday, Feb. 12

The 21st Winter Olympics open Friday, February 12, 2010 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Over 5,000 athletes from 80 countries will compete over the 17 day competition. China will be sending the largest team of over 91 athletes to seek gold. There will be over 80 medals available for the world's best athletes to win.

Organizers of the event have focused largely on "greening" the Olympics. There will be no parking for cars near events, but offer locks available for bikes. Many of the building complexes were constructed with reused materials. Organizers considered the long term function and sustainability of the buildings used during the Olympics and guarantee the buildings will have purpose long after the Games end.

Warm temperatures have impeded snowfall and organizers assure the lack of natural snow will not effect events like skiing and snowboarding. Machines have made and stockpiled snow for months to ensure proper amounts will be available, despite the weather.

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