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3rd Century BC Coins Found in Egypt

Third century BC coins were found in Egypt. A total of 383 bronze coins and many other artifacts were uncovered by archeologists Wednesday April 21, 2010 at a site 50 miles southwest of Cairo, Egypt. The coins were buried just north of Qarun lake in Fayoum Oasis. The coins were plated with the face of the hybrid Greek-Egyptian god Amun-Zeus along with three necklaces and a pot of kohl eyeliner. The coins were also inscribed with an eagle and the words "Plotemy" and "King" written in Greek.

Researchers estimate that the the coins were created during the 3rd century B.C. while Egypt was under King Ptolemy III's rule which lasted over 300 years. During King Ptolemy's rule, Greek and ancient Egyptian cultures combined. King Ptolemy ascended from the revered Queen Cleopatra. Scientists determined the necklaces found at the site were made of ostrich shell dating back to the 4th millennium B.C. The pot of kohl eyeliner was dated at an estimated 1299, during the rise of the Ottoman Empire.

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