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40-Year-Old Stacey Anderson Chooses 23-Year-Old as Winner on Season Finale of 'The Cougar'

Last night's season finale of the reality dating show “The Cougar” ended with 40-year old Stacey Anderson picking 23-year old personal trainer Jimmy from San Francisco as her winner.

“The Cougar”, much like the dating show "The Bachelorette", involved Stacey rifling through 20 suitors to find her soul mate. The only difference here was that all of her potential mates were at least 10 years younger than her.

According to, after choosing the 23-year-old as the winner, she then accepted a wedding proposal and a ring from him. Jimmy had been confident early on in the season gloating on the show’s premiere that one man was going to win Stacey’s heart and that man was him.

The other finalist was Colt, who is 25 and a musician from Los Angeles. He had caught Stacey’s attention from the very beginning when he had written a song about her. But her final decision was for Jimmy.

Stacey has said that she has no regrets on the man she chose.

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