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80% of English Men Will Be Fat by 2010, Study Predicts

Reseachers in England predict that over 80% of men and nearly 70% of women will be overweight by the year 2020 per results of the National Heart Forum's health survey. The study predicts that 41 percent of men from ages 20 to 65 will be obese and 40 % will be overweight. Among women, the research indicates that 36% will be obese and 32% overweight for a total of 68%. It goes without mention that weight related issues will increases as well. Researchers predict huge increases in high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The only good news related to the study is the "leveling off" in childhood obesity. Klim McPherson, chair of the National Heart Forum and professor at Oxford University, states: "These trends demonstrate that the cautiously optimistic picture we presented in November 2009 for a levelling off of future obesity rates among children is not mirrored in adults."

Energy dense food and sedentary lifestyle are England's culprit for "obesogenic" predictions.

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