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90 Teens Pregnant at Frayser High School in Memphis, TN

Recent media reports from Memphis, Tennessee indicate that over 90 teens attending the Frayser High School are pregnant or have already given birth this academic year. It is uncertain as to what is behind this massive teen mother baby boom within the district, but many fault parents and educators for not empowering students with self esteem building information. The school has been rendered a "national disgrace" by some and others, including parents, administrators, and even strangers are highly concerned.

Frayser's student body consists of approximately 800 students. Nearly 11 percent of the student population have become or will be parents before classes end for the summer. Reports indicate that 90 of Frayser's female students have conceived or given birth and officials expect the number to rise higher than initial reports due to the "viral" nature of teen pregnancy.

Action News 5, a local news organization, has launched an investigation into the "pregnancy outbreak" which many suspect is pact "planned" amongst the teens. The Memphis chapter of Girls Inc. has created a media campaign entitled "No Baby" to assist the young women with establishing positive limits for teens' activities and bodies. Additionally, a Children's Hospital in the Memphis area has developed pregnancy prevention educational programs for male students within the district. It is uncertain if local politicians have addressed the issue.

Most of the students who attend Frayser come from low income families, as nearly all of the students qualify for free or reduced lunches.

Check back for more or go here to see first hand footage from one Frayser mom: Action News 5 WMCTV on YouTube

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