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9.99 TV at Best Buy

Best Buy Made A Booboo. They were offering a television for 9.99. It appears this was a huge technical error and someone in Best Buy's web team probably fell asleep at the keyboard. Apparently a few people thought it was the real deal and went off and started buying them. Best Buy has corrected the problem and apparently in the process of refunding the buyers.

"You can get a latest Samsung LN52A650A1F 52” high-definition LCD TV for only $9.99 at Best Buy, although it usually costs $1,800, Unbelievable ? But these type of mistakes are quit normal and usually appeared in Best Buy site, which sometimes makes me and others feel that it might be one of their unique marketing policy.

However, to make it sure that I am not a mental just have a look the the website for yourself where you can buy the Samsung LN52A650 52? 1080p HDTV for 10$ at Best Buy.

Interestingly to safeguard itself Best Buy has a clear policy when such errors occur and the guys in charge can “revoke” offers and to “correct” any errors. But when they will payback your money that you have already deposited through credit card , that nobody knows."

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