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Actress Melissa Gilbert Reveals All in Her New Memoir, 'Prairie Tale'

Actress Melissa Gilbert of “Little House on the Prairie” was once America’s sweetheart. Many presumed she led a charmed life much like the one she portrayed on the television show. But in her new tell-all book, “Prairie Tale,” she opens up about the reality of living in the spotlight and the how it wasn’t always as glamorous as it seemed.

In one chapter, she discusses losing her baby with Rob Lowe and the actor himself.

The actress met Lowe when she was only fourteen and fell "hopelessly and stupidly in love." She then agreed to marry him when he proposed in 1986, and before the wedding she found out she was pregnant.

After breaking the news to Lowe, she tells People magazine, "He said very softly, 'I can't be a father.' Before I could respond, he said, 'I can't be a husband. I'm so sorry.'"

Gilbert ended up having a miscarriage that, she says, left her feeling "totally alone." "I had lost my baby and my relationship with Rob. ...and it hurt like hell."

Her memoir hits bookstore shelves today in its hardcover edition.

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