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Actresses Lining Up for ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Young actresses are lining up to play the lead role in the upcoming reboot of the "Spider-Man" franchise as Spiderman’s love interest.
Starting Thursday and heading into the weekend, select actresses are meeting with director Marc Webb and new Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield.
Although the female lead is not Mary Jane, it is still not clear whether the actresses are auditioning to play Gwen Stacy, Parker's other object of affection in the comics or some other new character. The scripts being handed to the auditioning actresses’ have no names on it for the character.
There are three British actresses in the lead so far. These are Imogen Poots, Ophelia Lovibond, and Lily Collins. Other actresses on the list are Teresa Palmer, Emma Roberts, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead.
The new Spider-man film will be grounded in the high school setting than the previous Sam Raimi-directed trilogy. The production begins in December.

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