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Air Traffic Control at JFK Manned by Child

The air traffic control center at John F. Kennedy International Airport was manned by a child last month. The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into a report that a small child's voice was heard on the air traffic control center for John F. Kennedy International Airport last month. Reports say pilots heard the child's voice and the F.A.A. released a statement regarding the incident assuring that "the behavior" of the employees who allowed the child to dispatch from JFK's radios was "unacceptable."

The child also reportedly instructed pilots to take flight, per his father's instruction. The pilots responded with laughter and followed instruction. The incident questions the behavior of all parties. Air traffic controllers are licensed, well trained individuals responsible for maintaining safety of the aircraft and all people inside. The stress involved in the job is vast and any distraction has the potential for devastating consequence.

John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. Allowing a child to man the controls was a ridiculously massive risk.

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