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Airbus Carrying 150 Crashes Into Hudson River After Takeoff

A US Airways Airbus A320 crashed into the Hudson River within minutes after takeoff on Thursday. Eyewitnesses on board reported seeing the left engine burst into flames before the plane hit the water. They also stated that they could smell smoke.

The pilot steered the plane into the water and had enough time to instruct the passengers to brace for a hard landing before impact. Thankfully for everyone on board, the plane stayed on the surface of the water long enough for passengers and crew to make their escape.

The rescued passengers and crew were picked up by small water craft within a few moments after leaving the airliner and were treated at New York and New Jersey hospitals. Some of those picked up off the wings of the aircraft were treated for hypothermia. The Weehawken Ferry was diverted from her normal route to help with the rescue efforts.

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