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Albuquerque Shooting Wounds 6 at Emcore Corp.

Albuquerque shooting wounds six at Emcore Corporation on July 12, 2010.  Albuquerque officials are investigating the shooting of six people, with two confirmed dead, per Police Chief Ray Schultz. 

Officals believe a thirty seven year old former employee targeted an employee at Emcore Corp., believed to be the shooter's wife or girlfriend.  The shooting has been confirmed to be "domestic in nature" and that the shooter acted alone. Several ambulances transported the victims of the shooting to the University of Albuquerue Hospital.  One of the victims was dead upon arrival, another died while doctors were operating, two victims are undergoing medical procedures, and two victims were listed in "stable condition."

A large police presence has been reported from the scene of the shooting by local newspaper Albuquerque Journal.  Mobile crime units have also responded to the frantic 911 call placed by an eyewitness when the shootings began.

Emcore is a solar panel and fiber optics manufacturer located near Kirtland Air Force Base in Eubank.   Two mobile crime labs have been seen moving into the area.

The shooter has two children who will remain in protective custody until a later date.

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