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Alex Da Silva From "So You Think You Can Dance" Arrested on Rape Charges

Alex Da Silva, a celebrity choreographer, was arrested on 4/4/09 after teaching a dance class, and he is held on $3.8 million dollar bail. He is accused of raping four dance students between 2003 and 2009. The victims said that he would would invite them into his house and lure them into his bedroom. It is possible that there are more victims who have not yet come forward, The four women who did report the incidents do not seem to know each other, while their stories are remarkably similar. This suggests that Da Silva may have approached even more women the same way.

He appeared on So You Think You Can Dance as a guest choreographer, and is best known for his skills at salsa dancing and choreography. Da Silva was born in Brazil, but currently lives in Southern California, and has contributed to the growing popularity of salsa dancing in LA. He sells several instruction DVDs, and also boasts on his website of having over 15,000 dance students throughout his career.

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