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Alex Pettyfer Screen Tests for Gus Van Sant Directed 50 Shades of Grey Film

Magic Mike star Alex Pettyfer may (or may not) have passed the screen tests for the upcoming film version of the EL James series Fifty Shades of Grey. The buzz abounds that director/producer Gus Van Sant filmed Pettyfer when his test character, Christian Grey, is offered Anastasia Steele's virginity. The footage is certain to be smokin' hot but the twenty three year old has NOT been official cast in the role. Yet...

Unfortunately, scoops have not yet spilled who tested for the role of Anastasia. We do know that the two time Oscar nominated director's experiences with Promised Land and Milk will hold some leverage for Focus Features as they go forward with the Fifty Shades project. Latest reports suggest Universal and Focus shelled out $3 million dollars just to get the rights to the EL James books. Plus, Kelly Marcel has been selected to author the script.

Both film companies have refused to comment regarding the test footage and any other production talks. Which could be good. If this film takes off as well as the book series, it's going to be a long, hot, summer!

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