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Allison Coss and John Stamos Extortion Pictures

Allison Coss and John Stamos extortion pictures leaked.  Coss, a 24 year old accused of extorting the Full House and E.R. star allegedly posed for a photo with Stamos published by CBS' Crimesider.  Coss posted the photo of Stamos and herself on a "social networking page."  The caption attached to the photo states: "First time I met this weirdo." 

Stamos, Coss, and 31 year old Scott Sippola, battled in a Michigan courtroom beginning July 12, 2010, over a series of events which occured in 2004.  Coss met Stamos in a nightclub while she was on spring break, vacationing in Orlando, Florida. Stamos testified that Coss misrepresented her age, indicating she was on a college spring break getway, as Coss was 17 at the time of the meeting.  Stamos allegedly bought her and her friend drinks and invited her back to his hotel room. Coss then claims that Stamos invited strippers who brought a bag of cocaine to the room and proceeded to use drugs.  Coss allegedly took pictures of the incident. Coss and her lawyer, defense attorney Sarah Henderson claim that Stamos had a fling with Coss despite her age and attempted to make sexual advances which Coss refused.  The rejection led to an angry outburst by Stamos but Coss stayed the night in the hotel room and later maintained contact with Stamos via e-mail.  

Stamos testified on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 that he was suffering and "heartbroken" over the recent separation between former wife Rebecca Romijn Stamos when he met Coss.  Stamos claims that Coss, her friend, and several others then "hung out" and "socialized" in his room.  Stamos testified that he "considered her [Coss] a 'flirtatious' friend."

The emails then abruptly turned threatening, in an attempt to extort money, when Sippola found the photos of Stamos using drugs.  Arrangements were made for a "cash drop off" at a Michigan airport in exchange for the photos and silence from Coss and Sippola.  Police intervened and arrested Coss and Sippola who were in possession of approximately $680,000 dollars.  The photographs were never made public.

Coss and Sippola pleaded not guilty to extortion and conspiracy charges.

William Sobel, Stamos' attorney believes that Coss' allegations "will not be proven because they are simply untrue."

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