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Amber Dubois and Chelsea King's Bodies Found

Amber Dubois and Chelsea King's bodies were found last week and authorities believe that John Albert Gardner III may have raped and murdered both of the girls. John Albert Gardner III is a registered sex offender who lives in the San Diego area. Gardner is a suspect in other unsolved crimes in the San Diego area. Wednesday Gardner pleaded not guilty to rape and murder charges in relation to Chelsea King.

Amber Dubois went missing in 2009 and her remains were found late Saturday in a rural area in San Diego. Chelsea King, a seventeen year old, went missing Friday and her body was found Tuesday in a shallow grave near Lake Hodges. King's body was near the Pala Indian Reservation where Amber Dubois' remains were located.

Amber’s parents spoke with Nancy Grace after learning King's body was found: “Just the similarities in our case, you know, if there is any connection to Mr. Gardner and our case, I want to be there for his prosecution and soon to be execution I would hope.”

Jim Maher, the Escondido Police Chief heading the investigation told press Sunday:“I certainly had hoped that when the day came to do a press conference on Amber it would be under much different circumstances, but that was not to be.”


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