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Amber Heard to Star in NBC's Playboy

Amber Heard has confirmed she will star in NBC's upcoming series entitled Playboy. The pilot of the show has been penned by Tru Calling's Chad Hodge, who will also act as an executive producer along with Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo.

Heard described the series to as "Playboy is a mix of Mad Men meets Chicago, or Moulin Rouge!, meets The Sopranos. It's a crime crime centered around the Playboy clubs of Chicago in the 1960s."

Heard also expects that not only will men love the series but females will too. She stated: "Women will love this because it's not like the Playboy we know today. It's not about scientifically-made bodies, these crazy standards we set for women now. It's not about the current idea of Playboy or the current idea of what sexy is for women. Back then, it was pre-surgery and what we're left with is the real form of what a model is, the eve of women's lib and on the cusp of the women's revolution, it is the greatest era for music - so all of those things will come into play in the pilot and be part of the story as well."

The show will air on NBC and is backed by Twentieth Century Fox and Imagine TV.

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