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Americans Oppose New Reagan $50 Bill

Americans oppose a new Ronald Reagan $50 bill. A Marist College poll on Thursday, April 22, 2010 found that 79 percent of Americans oppose Rep. Patrick McHenry's proposal to use Ronald Reagan's image on the new $50 dollar bill rather than former president Ulysses S. Grant. McHenry (Rep., North Carolina) insists that Reagan was the "last great president" of the 20th century and "deserved" the honor of being on the bill. The Marist poll found only 12 percent of Americans support McHenry's proposal leaving 9 percent uncertain and 71 percent of Republicans in complete opposition. Democrats strongly oppose replacing Grant with Reagan by 83 percent. Independents maintain the sentiment with 79 percent in opposition.

Supporters of the use of Grant on the $50 dollar bill render McHenry "an absolute idiot and a moron." Many believe that Grant's image on the bill support Grant's heroic military efforts in preserving the Union during the Civil War. Members of both the Republican and Democratic parties believe that the Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC adequately commemorates the former president.

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