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Amy Beck Resigns From Teaching, Confesses to Sex With 14 Year Old Student

Amy Victoria Beck, former educator, resigned from her job Friday and then confessed to having sex with a fourteen year old student. The former Social Science and English teacher at the David Starr Jordan School in Burbank, California has turned herself into police. Authorities allege that Beck had sexual relations with the then fourteen year old student from March through September of 2009. Apparently Beck's guilt regarding the relationship with her former student forced her to confess. She is in police custody and being held on $400,000 dollars bail. Beck faces multiple charges filed with the Burbank Superior Court, including four counts of unlawful sex with a person under 16 and one count of oral copulation. Beck faces the maximum sentence of up to seven years in prison. Beck will return to court on March 25, 2010.

Authorities report they are still investigating Beck's claims as well as "still trying to piece everything together, what happened, where, what kind of sex acts, how many, and how long it’s been going on" said Robert Quesada, lead investigator into the case reported to The Burbank Leader. Quesada went on to say Beck "walked in with her attorney...and said, 'Hey, I came to surrender for what I did'." The student involved in the case maintains Beck's claims and has informed police that they are true.

The thirty three year old teacher was well liked by students and "well respected" by colleagues. She worked in the school district for over ten years. Faculty and families of the school district are "shocked" per Principle Sharon Cuseo despite the fact that Beck was a "loved teacher."

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